Course design and instruction

The success of this course depends heavily on the support provided to participants from GBIF’s network of capacity enhancement mentors. Visit the GBIF page on capacity enhancement mentoring to read more about these individuals and their contributions.

The following individuals are recognized for their significant contributions to the course design, materials and instruction:

  • Nestor Beltran*

  • David Bloom

  • Katia Cezón*

  • Dag Endresen

  • Alberto González-Talaván*

  • Sharon Grant*

  • Marie-Elise Lecoq

  • Sophie Pamerlon*

  • Nicolas Noé*

  • Mélianie Raymond*

  • Laura Anne Russell*

  • John Wieczorek

  • Paula Zermoglio

*Originators of the curriculum

Special acknowledgement to Arthur Chapman for the reuse of his materials on Data Quality.



  • Maxime Coupremanne

  • Jaures Gbètoho

  • Marie Grosjean

  • Patricia Mergen

  • Sophie Pamerlon

  • Andry Jean Marc Rakotomanjaka

  • Y. Sabastian Wirsiy


  • Rui Figueira

  • Clara Baringo Fonseca

  • Keila Elizabeth Macfadem Juarez

  • Tainan Messina


  • Leonardo Buitrago

  • Victor Chocho

  • Camila Plata

  • Anabela Plos

  • William Ulate

  • Paula Zermoglio