Assessment and certification

In this module, you will review the criteria to be used to assess assignments and to achieve certification.

Upon successful completion of the course and successful assessment of assignments (by trainers and mentors), participants have the opportunity to receive an official certification in the form of an Open Badge.

GBIF biodiversity data mobilization

An overall score of 2.5-2.9 earns a BASIC Biodiversity Data Mobilization badge

GBIF biodiversity data mobilization ADVANCED

An overall score of 3.0-4.0 earns an ADVANCED Biodiversity Data Mobilization badge

Participants are required to submit (in English) Use Case II (choice between two options) and Use Case III and each Use Case is scored against the educational rubrics for the course. The rubrics define the skills and performance levels on which the learning objectives for the course are built.

Review the rubrics to ensure understanding of the skills that will be assessed for certification.