Exercise 2

For this activity, you will complete an exercise simulating data capture. You will begin to work with Darwin Core terms and make decisions on data that is needed for your organization/project and you will consider which of that data will be shared later during publication.

Read USE CASE I (if you haven’t already).

Imagine that you are the person assigned to transcribe the data found on the herbarium sheets.

  1. Download UC1-2-base-material.zip. (34.4 MB). There are 10 images. Two images per specimen for a total of five specimens. The herbarium sheets are in Spanish (data may come to you in various means and in other languages than your own), but you should be able to recognize the data contained in the fields on the labels. Remember to use both images per record to compile the information.

  2. Download the spreadsheet template: UC1-2-occurrence-template.xlsx (57.3 KB) to transcribe the information found on each of the images for the five specimens.

  3. Use the previously downloaded exercise sheet to provide your answers.

you may need to add fields to the spreadsheet as you may be able to capture more information from the labels that was planned for in the template.