Quiz yourself on the concepts learned in this section.
  1. Why is it best to clean your data?

    • to make them as fit for use as possible

    • to achieve your data quality goals

    • data should be cleaned by the users, not the providers

  2. How should you organize your data cleaning workflow?

    • work alone, you know your data best

    • ask your colleagues for expertise

    • work at an institutional level to harmonize data quality workflows

  3. Which is best:

    • prevent errors from occurring

    • correct errors as soon as you find them in your database or spreadsheet

    • not cleaning errors but documenting them as you go, so people who reuse your data know where they are

  4. Whose responsibility is data quality?

    • The person(s) who record data on the field

    • The data transcribers

    • The database manager

    • Everyone involved in the management of data

    • The people who use your data

    • GBIF

  5. Which tools can be used to clean your data ?

    • Excel & other spreadsheets management tools

    • OpenRefine

    • Your database software

    • Online tools such as Scientific Names Resolver or Google Maps