Course preparation


Registrations and accounts

  • Create an account at ORCID.

  • Create a personal (user) account at, top right corner. You can login to GBIF using ORCID.

  • Create a personal (user) account at BOLD. You can login to BOLD using ORCID.

  • Create an account at iNaturalist.

Foundations videos

To prepare for the course lectures, please watch the Foundations video playlist. These materials are terms-heavy, but will ensure that all participants have the same basis of knowledge to begin and will prepare you for the course lectures; please capture questions as you go through and ask them during the course.

Foundations videos - 6 videos, 67 mins.

The course will include a practical part where you will design a research project and its data elements. This project and its “data journey” will be on a plant-pollinator system. To prepare for this part, please read the following. Skip if you are working on pollinators yourself already.


The following are optional activities if you have completed all of the above. Many aspects of these will be introduced during the course days.