Incentives for publishing open-access biodiversity data

In this section, you will review some incentives for publishing biodiversity data.

An important part of GBIF’s mission is to promote a culture in which people recognize the benefits of publishing open-access biodiversity data, for themselves as well as for the broader society.

  • By making your data discoverable and accessible through GBIF and similar information infrastructures, you will contribute to global knowledge about biodiversity, and thus to the solutions that will promote its conservation and sustainable use.

  • Data publishing enables datasets held all over the world to be integrated, revealing new opportunities for collaboration among data owners and researchers.

  • Publishing data enables individuals and institutions to be properly credited for their work to create and curate biodiversity data, by giving visibility to publishing institutions through good metadata authoring. This recognition can be further developed if you author a peer-reviewed data paper, giving scholarly recognition to the publication of biodiversity datasets.

  • Collection managers can trace usage and citations of digitized data published from their institutions and accessed through GBIF and similar infrastructures.

  • Some funding agencies now require researchers receiving public funds to make data freely accessible at the end of a project.