Quiz yourself on the concepts learned in this section.
  1. What does data publishing mean in the context of GBIF?

    • Exporting a csv file of your cleaned data that you can share with your colleagues

    • Writing an article describing your data, and the protocol(s) you used to collect, capture and clean them

    • Making your biodiversity dataset(s) publicly accessible and discoverable in a standardized format

  2. Which of the following are incentives for publishing data?

    • contribute to global knowledge about biodiversity

    • holding onto my data until it is perfect

    • new opportunities for collaboration

    • make data freely accessible

  3. How do you become a publisher in the GBIF network?

    • email the GBIF helpdesk and wait for endorsement

    • fill out the Become a publisher form on and wait for endorsement

  4. There are no requirements for publishing your data on

    • True

    • False

  5. What is the GBIF data validator?

    • a tool to publish my data to GBIF

    • a tool to turn my data into XML

    • a tool to check my data for issues